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There’s nothing worse than dying of boredom trying to watch your breath, while all those uncontrollable thoughts keep sabotaging your mind.

For one thing, it takes a lot of time–as much as 20 years to master meditation with traditional methods, time you just don’t have. When you finally do get around to meditating consistently on your own, you spend more time trying to quiet all the uncontrollable thoughts than actually meditating. Every moment that goes by is a struggle. When you actually manage to attain balance, it only takes a single thought to fall from grace.

You start thinking, “Meditation takes too much time, and the results just aren’t worth it”.

Of course, you could always hire a certified guided meditation teacher…

I’m Lewi Glenis, and I’d like to introduce you to my guided meditation system, The ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System (the PMGMS).

With The ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System, you can meditate as deeply–even deeper than an experienced yogi master can attain, and do so within a matter of minutes every time you use it. Simply put on your quality stereo headphones, get comfortable (yes you can even meditate effectively with the PMGMS while lying down), press play on your MP3 player, and ParallaxMind Audio will virtually do the meditation for you. Over 20 expertly written PDF Support Letters, 2 Core MP3 (or AAC) ParallaxMind Meditation Soundtracks, and 3 MP4 Meditation Posture and Sitting Videos guide you on your journey.

And no more having to neglect the stress levels building up in you every day, because your traditional meditation practice simply “isn’t working”.

I’m passionate about personal growth and mind development. I’ve spent over 30 years in the field and created 3 successful neuro– bio-feedback audio technologies…ParallaxMind™ Brainwave-Entrainment, ParaChrons™ Isochronic Tones, and Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations audio technologies–that help personal growth seekers reach their life’s journey goals.

In that role, I’ve realized that many would be meditators could be much more successful if they only knew how to practice effective meditation, author their own affirmations, and self-identify limiting thought and behaviors patterns. That gave me the idea to share the ParallaxMind Guided Meditation System I created for myself with others.

Before creating the meditation system, I devoted myself to learning everything I could about meditation.

While I was discovering brain-entrainment audio technology, I also trained with many personal meditation teachers. I studied from some of the foremost meditation experts on the planet. I have researched and learned from many of the authentic meditation gurus, that people from all over the world seek and became a student of their works. Teachers like Swami Rama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, Genpo Roshi, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait Ph.D., and many others.

On the western side of things, I’ve passionately studied the work of some of the greatest minds in cognitive and spiritual development like psychologist Abraham Maslow, Carl Jung, Ken Wilber, Bill Harris, and my library keeps growing.

The meditation teachers I studied from are some of the most sought after instructors on the planet. If you want authenticity, you must realize it will require a total commitment of your time and lifestyle commitment to learn meditation traditionally. I took everything I learned from world-class personal growth and spiritual teachers and put it into the PMGMS.

Achieve ultra states of self-awareness by correcting what researchers refer to as lateralization or hemisphericity of the brain safely and naturally.

I guess you could say that the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System is like having your own professionally certified guided meditation teacher at your beck and call.

But don’t just take my word for it. Read what our users have to say:

9 days straight of meditation…….yippee!

“Light Greetings! I want to let you know that I have tried all kinds of meditation techniques throughout my life, (I’m 51), at least 25 years worth and have Never been able to meditate without falling asleep, or giving up from boredom and frustration! I was completely blown away with the PMGMS system! After numerous starts and stops, (because of holidays and other excuses), I finally succeeded. 9 days straight of meditation…….yippee! I am significantly calmer and much more focused, plus all those little annoyances don’t bother me any more. I am so excited about this that I bought a system for my daughters….thank you so much for an incredible program. There are so many products out there with minimal results. The PMGMS really delivers and I highly recommend it for everyone! Namaste, Summer”

– Summer Yolanta Bodnar – Ontario, Canada

Your program has brought me to a place where I have made meditation and prayer part of my daily routine.

“Lewi, I cannot begin to tell you the blessings I have received from the daily practice of the PMGMS audio recordings. Your program has brought me to a place where I have made meditation and prayer part of my daily routine. I am quite amazed at the results, and am so happy I’ve had the opportunity to use the ParallaxMind Guided Meditation System. Thanks so much!”

– Lori Nightingale – Suquamish, WA

After only a few months into the program I began sleeping better.

“I have been using ParallaxMind meditation nearly two years now and couldn’t be happier with the results. The depth and intensity of meditation is much greater and more satisfying than with other forms of meditation I’ve tried. After only a few months into the program I began sleeping better. ParallaxMind has totally eliminated my heart palpitations and teeth clenching that were caused by stress/anxiety problems. There are other more subtle improvements both mental and physical that I have realized and I look forward to more unforeseen benefits as I continue. With a product name like ParallaxMind it’s got to be good, and it is!”

– Bill Schang – Townsend, TN

By now, you’re probably wondering how much the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System costs.

Before I answer that, let me ask you a question.

How much would you spend to…

Double, even quintuple your ability to melt away your daily stress, and dramatically balance your brain to achieve what neuro-scientists call “whole-brain functioning”?

Attain a proven meditation system–that keeps you highly motivated to be consistent with your daily practice?

Automate an unpleasant, time-consuming task, & shorten the learning curve to mastering meditation by as much 5 years?

Gain the ability to achieve meta-states of awareness and access super-learning states, focusing abilities, memory retention and recall, and exponentially expand your consciousness?

The PMGMS gives you all that and more.

I’m making The ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System available for a fraction of that.

Per the PMGMS instructions, as usual you practice with the first soundtrack Twilight Wind for the first 14 Days…

This is the first time I’ve ever made this kind of generous easy-as-pie offer for you to use the complete PMGMS at such a low price.

6 months after your initial charge has been made. You can cancel at any time.

The “Rites Of The Sun” Emotional Catharsis Release Soundtrack plus All Documentation

The “Alpha Excelerator Wave Inducer” plus All Documentation

The “Theta Transcender Wave Inducer” plus All Documentation

The “Supreme Self-Confidence Elevator” plus All Documentation

The “Awakening To Compassion Gamma Meditation” plus All Documentation

The “Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations Kit” plus All Documentation

FreeMind – A Premier Mind-Mapping Software for Mac & PC

(Freeware) – A mind mapper, and at the same time an easy-to-operate hierarchical editor with strong emphasis on mental folding. These two are not really two different things, just two different descriptions of how you can use this single application for brain storming knowledge, and consistenly organizing all your ideas at higher levels of functioning. Creating mind maps can be used for purging to resolve information overload, stimulating bursts of creativity, and for practicing the law of attraction to supplement story boards.

(Priceless) As new improvements become available for your copy of the PMGMS, like enhanced audio remastering as new technologies become available, we will send you any and all new updates and bonuses to keep you up to date with the latest version. This includes any and all new soundtracks, videos, and documentation we add to the PMGMS system. This simple gesture ensures your investment will retain timeless value—all for a one-time purchase. We just released the latest PMGMS update 3.0, and current PMGMS members were ecstatic! They weren’t expecting to receive such a huge update, and we received a lot of positive feedback when we released it on July 22, 2019… they got it for FREE!

I’m so confident you’re going to love the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System that I’m offering a 100% 365–Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you use the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System—and don’t completely love it—I will refund every penny of your purchase, no questions asked.

Take a moment to ask yourself if you qualify for the PMGMS…

6 months after your initial charge has been made. You can cancel at any time.

And lastly, the single most important reason why ParallaxMind audio technology is unlike any other personal growth or mind development tool out there is…

…our world-class support letters and follow-up system are designed to best serve your needs. Offering sound advice and instructional materials to help guide you through the process of accelerated evolutionary change when using ParallaxMind technology. Our support system includes:

Click the Buy Now button today and say goodbye to…

… dying from boredom, waiting for the blissful states to come

… spinning your wheels for years and years trying to master meditation on your own

… worrying you are wasting your time practicing now out-dated and fragmented meditation methods that have made their way to the west

… struggling with the empty mind chatter that is robbing you of your peace of mind

With the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System, you can put these things behind you and gain access to ultra-deep states of soothing relaxation and meditation instantly by pressing a single button on your MP3 player using stereo headphones. Just click the button below to begin mastering meditation with the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System today.

You can cancel at any time.

Thanks for trying the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System. I know you won’t regret it.

Creator of ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation Audio

P.S.S. Because your time will be spent using the same secret system used by over 30,000 meditators, your personal development will evolve much faster too!

Here are answers to somefrequently asked questions:

Answer: Essentially, how our proprietary ParallaxMind™ Brainwave-Entrainment Audio Technology works, is by gently guiding the listener into the deeper brain wave states–while stimulating the nervous system in a very specific way–to entrain the brain and nervous system–synchronizing the two sides of the brain and pushing the brain to evolve to ever-increasing levels of peak performance. An analogy would be to consider how a body builder pushes their body’s muscles to grow bigger, and become stronger with progressive resistance training over time.

The results of entraining the brain with ParallaxMind neuro-technology, delivered with precisely calibrated audio tones to each ear with stereo headphones, creates new nerve connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Which in turn, produces more fluid interaction between the two hemispheres of the brain resulting in what is called hemispheric synchronization, or brain synchronization by the neuro-science community, and allows you to tap into and use more of what researchers call our “whole-brain functioning” capacity.

You can think of using more of your whole brain functioning as developing the ability to think and visualize in “3D”, with greater perception, awareness, problem solving skills, and ambidexterity, instead of using one more dominant side of your brain, like the majority of human beings do. How one uses one side of the brain, whether balanced or unbalanced in relation to the other side of the brain, and how this relation manifests in the mind and body is called “brain-lateralization”.

Answer: Lewi Glenis CHt, NLp, CIw is the creator of the ParallaxMind™ Brainwave-Entrainment, ParaChrons™ Isochronic Tones, and Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations audio technologies found at the heart of the ParallaxMind™ Members Monthly personal growth audio training modules and member content. He is also CEO of Solexus Health Systems, and creative director at, audio store, and self-development blog.

Lewi has an extraordinary ability to explain complex topics in simple understandable terms, while maintaining an organic connection between both the logical and creative characteristics of the human brain/mind, and the more intuitive aspects of the human heart. He refers to this balance and integral connection between the heart and mind “the heart of consciousness”, citing it often in his work.

Lewi is a world class composer and audio engineer of 35+ years having trained with Chris Bellman of Bernie Grundman Audio Mastering in Los Angeles, CA, neuroscience researcher, author, neuro-linguistic practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, and expert personal growth teacher with collegiate education in bio- and neuro-feedback, musicology, hearing sound and speech pathology. Lewi studied musicology and music therapy with Mary C. Nichols PhD at Illinois State University in Bloomington, IL, and professionally trained with renown master NLP Life Coach Richard Corvino M.A. at the Wesland Institute in Tucson, AZ.

Answer: In a sense… yes! ParallaxMind induces deeper brain wave states that influences what neuroscientists call whole-brain functioning and hemispheric synchronization between the left and right sides of the brain automatically, which would normally take one many years to master with traditional meditation methods… if at all! This is a clinically proven statement, and is the basis of how brain-entrainment works.

Why? Because it is your own brain itself that phenomenally creates the rhythmic pulse called a “binaural beat” within the brain, when two sound waves of varying frequencies are input separately into each ear, that correlate with specific brain-wave states supported by over 30 years of clinical research. The variations are endless. As vast as one’s imagination. However, the key is in knowing and understanding the research behind brain-entrainment, applying proven methods, and discovering new approaches that improve the decades of research laid out before us.

ParallaxMind PMGMS meditation soundtracks are engineered to correlate with deep Zen, also known as “zazen” sitting states of meditation. Just like when you feel deeply centered and relaxed, effortlessly focused, your mind is perfectly quiet, and you’re meditating deeply “in the zone” out in nature, or perhaps a Zen garden.

ParallaxMind is designed to guide you way deeper than is possible for most people to do on their own, and helps you center your brain/mind, and nervous systems automatically. There are actually 3 nervous systems that are influenced by ParallaxMind neuro-technology in the human body. ParallaxMind is very beneficial to people, who especially have trouble quieting their mind, perhaps from worrying, anxiety, too much stress to think straight, information overload etc., when they first learn how to meditate.

And of course, the more dedicated you are to using ParallaxMind the more you will benefit from the system and develop these natural abilities in yourself. Only now you’ll have a powerful brain-entrainment tool and meditation system to do it.

A simple way to look at the process is, when the two sides of your brain are synchronized for substantial periods of time during your meditation sessions, the natural results are increased states of what neuroscientists call whole-brain functioning, where you begin to use more of your brain simultaneously, inner balance resulting in increased self-confidence, increased focus and concentration, stress reduction, new connections called neural pathways form naturally between the two sides of your brain to improve cognitive function and cross-communication between the two hemispheres, and much more. This is all explained in the full instructions and documentation you get with ParallaxMind.

These potential outcomes are already within you. ParallaxMind simply enhances them in a phenomenal and accelerated way and allows you to function at your peak through the use of meditation science- taking less time than traditional meditation practices can give you on their own. It actually develops these natural abilities in you even more, especially when it comes to increasing your self-awareness (what I believe and know to be one of the most important secrets of life in terms of living the life you want to create for yourself).

These positive and life-sustaining results stay with you even when you stop using it, and you can evolve using ParallaxMind audio technology as high as you want to go in your cognitive development. The more you meditate with ParallaxMind everyday, the more your brain and mind evolve at ever-increasing levels of brain/mind integration. There’s absolutely no limit to how high you can take your personal development using this system. Mastering life, or rather learning how to allow life to flow effortlessly, to reduce the amount of pain and suffering we all experience, is ALL about understanding your cognitive development. What stage of development you are at, and increasing your self-awareness to go, further, higher, wider in one’s cognitive development, is one of the master keys to consciously creating one’s life because… this journey never ends!

Answer: Well, if you consider tranquility of mind, elevated happiness, accelerated learning and better memory, increased self-awareness, improved emotional balance, vivid lucid-dreams, heightened creativity, expanded consciousness, and pleasurable euphoric sensations from the release of naturally produced neuro-chemicals in the brain unsafe in anyway–then please write to me and let me know.

Millions of people the world over are using different types of neuro-technology to enhance their lives and have been doing so for well over 30 years. At this point, there is not even one single occurrence of adverse side effects having been reported or documented by anyone who has faithfully used this kind of brain entrainment technology–just the opposite. (However, it is recommended that people who suffer from epileptic seizures, or seizures of any kind not use any form of light or sound brain-entrainment devices or soundtracks to prevent triggering an epileptic episode. But this is common knowledge among health care professionals, and most people who suffer from neurological disorders.)

Plus, neuro-technology like ParallaxMind is widely used by health professionals, light and sound therapists, homeopathic practitioners, psychologists, clinical hypnotherapists, doctors, and many other leading researchers in the fields of psychology, neuro-science, and biofeedback.

Answer: It’s easy! At any such time, within the 365 day period you feel your meditation practice with the PMGMS is not what you were expecting, simply contact us at any time, and request a full refund with absolutely no questions asked.All I ask is you give it your best effort, and practice with the PMGMS per the complete instructions you receive to gain the most benefit. It is also important to consult the 10 Member Support Letters you receive every 2 weeks for the first 150 days of your practice to gauge exactly how the PMGMS is working for you.Lastly, I highly recommend using the Dreamweaver™ Personal Journal you get with your download for at least the first 30 days, so you will know exactly how you are responding with the PMGMS. You will be amazed at how consistent your results are when combining your journaling experience with reading your Member Support Letters when I instruct you, and how they seem to magically correlate. This process is and has remained uncannily consistent across thousands of practitioners who’ve been using the PMGMS since 2006.

Answer: The methods used to create each of the above products is different. So what may work great for some, may not work as well for others. It’s really a personal choice you have to make for yourself, and you won’t know until you try different methods. Every person’s neural “brain-wave map”, and early life programming is different.

What makes ParallaxMind™ different? ParallaxMind is a style of brain-entrainment technology designed specifically for guided meditation practice, and advanced mind development by increasing super-learning abilities at accelerated rates, and by tapping into specific brain-wave frequencies and their functions modeled for success, that guide the listener’s brainwaves to correlate with that of zen–”zazen” sitting meditation and other mental states through ParallaxMind™ audio innovation. Plus, the support materials and documentation that come with the ParallaxMind PMGMS and bonus soundtracks are unique to the ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System, and ParallaxMind™ Self-Development Library, found in the complete ParallaxMind Members Monthly (PMMM) member’s area. Each module is designed to focus on a very specific area of personal growth that is reinforced with ParallaxMind™ Brain-Entrainment Audio Technology, and delivered in a complete and structured self-development plan over time.

Every ParallaxMind brain-entrainment soundtrack is researched and designed to serve a very specific purpose and function, to be used in one’s personal growth and cognitive development. There is nothing left to chance when ParallaxMind soundtracks are developed, and I dedicate many weeks and months for the development of each soundtrack. Many of which are researched in focus groups of 100+ people. As a PMMM member, you too can take part in these focus groups as new ParallaxMind soundtracks are prepared for release to the general public.

ParallaxMind™ Audio technology serves very specific functions unrelated to any other brain wave technology on the planet, that I developed to entrain the brain while the listener meditates at very deep levels. I focus on the specific brain wave frequencies used which is really “the secret” to why it works so well.

In addition, I personally recorded all of the environmental sounds and composed the music therapy that accompany ParallaxMind modules such as… the mountain wind in the Catalina Mountains in Tucson, Arizona, which included a time-intensive process of mounting huge digitally tuned wind chimes in the boughs of 30 ft. tall pine trees–until I captured the recordings just right in balance with the mountain wind using new 3D microphones technology spatially placed.

These wind chime recordings feature eastern modal musical scales including Chinese, Japanese, and Balinese musical modes and scales that influence the aural ambience one could expect listening to temple bells. As well as, the gentle flow of the coastal tide off the shores of Long Boat Key, Florida. Plus, crystalline rolling brooks that flow only two times a year that fill the normally dry washes of the Sonoran Desert. I spare no expense in creating my guided meditation  and music therapy soundtracks, and literally act as a conduit for the transfer of subtle, aural energy that I spend 100s of hours perfecting for the listener’s enjoyment and benefit. Observing subtle energies is the essence of using music and sound therapy for healing and spiritual growth.

In my opinion, my program is easier to follow, less expensive, I delve deeper into the origins of meditation, why human beings have been meditating for millennia, and I offer world class customer support. Some of the ParallaxMind soundtracks also features gently pulsating Isochronic Tones called Parachrons™ I developed, in addition to “dual layer binaural beat processing” which I solely pioneered to be more gentle on your hearing since you’ll be listening to your soundtracks almost everyday. You simply can’t get ParallaxMind anywhere else. Plus, some of the ParallaxMind bonus soundtracks include Autonomix™ Quiet Affirmations audio technology I developed to greatly increase the effectiveness of the positive affirmations as part of our complete and structured personal development plan.

Answer: I knew you were going to ask this question and the answer is a resounding YES! Creating ParallaxMind audio technology for the PMGMS system is a labor of love for me. I draw from my 30+ years of meditation practice, as a guided meditation teacher having taught thousands of people around the world learn how to meditate, and the wisdom from the “gurus” I studied like Zen Master Genpo Roshi. Plus, my college education in cognitive studies, biofeedback, hearing, sound, and speech pathology, music therapy, my 15 years of certified training and clinical experience as a hypnotherapist and neuro-linguistics practitioner with the Wesland Institute in Tucson AZ, and my 35+ year background as an audio engineer and recording artist to bring you the incredibly rich sound environments, and ambient meditation music I personally crafted and composed for your personal enjoyment.

As you can see I’m highly qualified, and you know I originally created this system for my own personal use to help me make it through, and heal from two, back-to-back open heart surgeries between 2003 and 2007… and I’m a perfectionist so you can be rest assured ParallaxMind is of the highest quality brain-entrainment methods available anywhere. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I would never offer you something that I didn’t personally use and benefit from myself. And ParallaxMind is being constantly evolved and updated as new advancements in this field are introduced and I share them with you. After all, that’s what the word “ParallaxMind” means… “beyond cognitive change”!

I also use a new technique I pioneered called ParallaxMind™ “dual layer binaural beat processing” in combination with gentle pulsating Isochronic Tones on some of the ParallaxMind soundtracks I invented called Parachrons™, to make my system one of the most effective and enjoyable brain-entrainment products anyone can use in this industry–while remaining very gentle on your hearing. Since you’ll be listening to these soundtracks almost daily, this bit of information is good to know. This is where my training in hearing, sound, and speech pathology paid off as I have an acute understanding of the tiny, fragile little bones of the inner ear, and take the preservation, and protection of my own hearing very seriously, so I can preserve my hearing for a long healthy life of listening to all the wonderful sounds of nature, and the world. I approached this concept because I have been suffering from tinnitus (ringing in the ears) since a very young age.

I’ve encountered in many forums, how some people who’ve used Isochronic tones with other developers complain about the annoying and obtrusive “helicopter” sounding effects Isochronic tones can have on the listener’s enjoyment, and have even give some people headaches. This simple annoyance causes most people to stop using Isochronic tones technology altogether, though Isochronic tones is an exceptional brain-entrainment tool when engineered properly. And ultimately, the majority of developers of these less than desired by-products of poor quality brain-entrainment technologies are doing damage to the ears of the listener.

However, this is not the case with my innovative, gentle but effective ParallaxMind™ and Parachrons™ audio technologies. I intentionally designed ParallaxMind audio to simulate the natural ebb and flow of how brainwaves shift in the human brain–in a very organic and melifluous “very musical” way! The Parachrons I developed are virtually transparent and you hardly even notice that they are in the audio. Yet, you will still feel, experience, and benefit from Parachrons effectively. (Parachrons are combined with ParallaxMind audio in the Alpha Excelerator bonus soundtrack).

That’s where I draw from my college and clinical education in hearing, sound, speech, and music therapy, and my 35+ years as an audio engineer, has allowed me to develop the ParallaxMind libraries, to be one of the most pleasurable and beneficial meditation and personal growth systems available on or offline. What very few people know, is the inner ear is made of many tiny little bones that are important to protect–so you can enjoy your hearing well into old age. Its important for developers of binaural beats, and isochronic tones technologies to understand this, and to know which resonant frequencies are the most effective, and still remain gentle on the inner ears. Developers of neuro-technology don’t need to “slam” the brain with obtrusive, or disruptive external brain-entrainment stimuli. The brain is very receptive, subtle, and plastic, and will respond adequately to brain-entrainment technology even at very low listening levels.

Answer: Since every person who listens to ParallaxMind audio is unique, the time frame for experiencing noticeable results will vary from person to person. In general, you will begin to experience the natural effects our ParallaxMind stimulus will have on your nervous system instantly offering immediate stress relief and ultra-deep meditation, with more noticeable effects within 3-14 days. These effects may manifest as states of euphoria, feelings of joy, nostalgic memories, vivid cinematic or lucid dreams, as well as, feelings of restlessness, emotional catharsis, and a host of other effects unique to each individual depending on what surfaces for them as they process unresolved unconscious material.

It is important to realize that there are no “right or wrong” experiences and to simply let whatever experiences you have happen. The more you are able to develop a witnessing posture to whatever happens, the easier it will be to evolve through the modules thus increasing your self-awareness. Essentially, as the unconscious programming you learned early in life comes into your conscious awareness, and is “exposed to the light” as it were, you enhance your capability to “let whatever happens be as it is in the now”. As a now, more conscious observer and “witness” to what is going on within and around you without self-judgement, judgement of others, or being so attached to any one particular outcome, you will spend less time resisting change and allowing the natural, effectual phenomenon of ParallaxMind audio technology to work for you in your life and usher your inner states of mind into ultra states of self-awareness–that will in turn manifest in your outer world.

This will happen as former “unconscious” and incongruent aspects of self come into alignment and reconcile at a higher, more integrated level of cognitive function and perception of self relative to your previous world view and your place in it. As a result, you gain an ever-increasing ability to create greater flow and fluidity in your life no matter what unexpected changes the world may bring your way. Most of these natural, causal effects are a result of inducing whole-brain functioning through the process of synchronizing the two hemispheres of the brain with ParallaxMind audio technology progressively over-time. Which in turn, creates greater coherence of all 5 physical senses, that in my opinion opens the gateway to increasing one’s higher 6th senses like intuition, empathy, compassion, and psychic abilities. No, I’m not talking about predicting the future, but rather increasing one’s psychic skill sets through what neuro-researchers call “coherence” and “neuro binding”.

As you can see I’ve instilled a great deal of time, energy, and money investment into this system. I say simply give the PMGMS a try. Heck, you have an entire year to see for yourself if it will work for you or not with my 100% no nonses money back guarantee. Stop ideating and download the PMGMS right now!

6 months after your initial charge has been made. You can cancel at any time.

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