Understanding Healthy Eating: A Science-Based Guide to How Your Diet Affects Your Health (Renaissance Periodization Book 6)

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This book is your guide to understanding eating for general health. It includes a priority ranking of healthy eating concepts for everyone to understand and crushes common nutrition myths .

It features:

1)An in-depth discussion of basic concepts behind eating for better health

2)A priority ranking of healthy eating concepts – which ones matter the most, the least, and everything in between

3)Guides to improve your diet in a slow, steady, sustainable way for better health effects

4)Diet myth busting so you can focus on what works

5)A discussion on supplements that may enhance your health

6)Links to further literature if you would like to dive deeper into the science behind nutrition and its effects on health

What people are saying about ‘Understanding Healthy Eating’

“A good, no-no sense, review of how to structure your diet. It written in a down to earth style that conveys the information quickly and precisely. It assumes the starting point is a conventional western diet, but also includes non-meat diets, if that is your style. As the title says, it is not a book about diet for training, but a diet for optimizing health.” Mads A.

“Great book, full of pertinent information. Allows you to really establish a positive and right relationship with food, plus great knowledge on nutrition.“ Gustavo

“This book is amazing and must read for everyone that has an interest in what is actually important when it comes to healthy eating. I purchased this book for my mom who used to fall for nutrition scams all the time. Scams such as anything unnatural will hurt you, calories don’t matter, eat more to lose weight, whole foods are the only way lose weight, and much much more lol. Now that she understands the importance of calorie balance along with the other principles that contribute to fat loss she’s actually losing weight and keeping it off! she’s not falling for scams any more and prioritizes what matters. Thank you RP for all that you folks do. Science really is stronger!” Sava A.

“A highly accessible examination, and discussion of, the principals of healthy eating. Totally readable and super insightful! I love the idea of focusing on the aspects of healthy eating that make the most difference in the equation (food composition, calorie balance, then macros) as opposed to the aspects that carry less impact (timing, supplements, etc.) This book really lays out the fact that there is no single way to eat healthy, rather, there are many ways and by systematic small adjustments over time we can radically impact our health. Totally worth reading if you like this sort of thing!” Jesse C

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