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Mothermed Baby Bath Thermometer and Floating Bath Toy Bathtub and Swimming Pool Thermometer Green Fish

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Product Description

Mothermed Green Fish Baby Bath Thermometer

Technical Specifications:
1. Instantly activate at shake
2. Measuring Range: 0℃-50℃
3. Automatic Shutoff: 30 minutes
4. Power Supply: by high quality built-in battery, no need to worry replacing battery at all
5. Measurement Mode: Intermittent measurement (refresh reading every 5 seconds)
6. Alert Warning: The LED warning light on the display panel will flash red when the water temperature is above 39℃ and too hot for baby.
7. Size: 3.7″(L) x 3.8″(W) x 1.3″(H)

1. Before use, please check and make sure the battery cover is tightly closed, to avoid safety problem caused by battery scattering in the bathtub.
2. Please keep the battery away from baby when replacing the battery, to avoid battery being swallowed by baby.


1.Babies will love the products especially those are in cartoon shapes and they might like to stay in the water and play with it, please don’t worry about the waterproofing issue because our product is the waterproofing level.

2.Temperature will be fluctuated due to newly added water mixture, be sure to do the temperature measurement a minute after the temperature stabilized. You can also use a towel or by hands to mixed the water evenly to speed up the process.

3.Parents must be cautious about water temperature as will as environment conditions when bathing your infants in order to keep them safe and healthy. Make sure the baby bath water temperature for a baby bath is between 36.5℃ to 38℃ and baby room temperature is at least 22℃.

Package included:
1 x baby bath thermometer(battery included)
1 x user manual

Why Choose Mothermed Green Fish Baby Bath Thermometer?

Are you still worried about your baby’s HEALTH and SAFETY in the bath?

Mothermed green fish baby bath thermometer can help you provide a RELIABLE way to keep your baby’s bath time SAFE and FUN.
NO WORRY about the bath water is too HOT or too COLD. The green fish thermometer is an accurate and convenient way to monitor the correct temperature of baby’s bath water or bedroom.

Simple to use:
step 1, shake to activate the thermometer.
step 2, stir the bath water to make temperature even.
step 3, put it into bath and measure the temp, it displays the current temperature in Celsius on the center of the LCD screen wait for about 1 min until reading steady.
step 4, let baby enjoy the happy bath time.

Why is a Digital Thermometer Better than an Mercury Thermometer?

If you are looking for a gentle, fast and accurate way to monitor your baby’s bath water temperature, the green fish digital thermometer might be the best solution to you.

1. Digital measurement is a highly reliable measurement technology, which eliminates measurement errors.

2. A digital thermometer is easier to read, more exact and more reliable than an Mercury thermometer.

3. The Mercury thermometer contains mercury that is harmful to humans, but the digital thermometer is completely safe for everyday use.

4. Digital thermometer also provides accurate temperature readings for bath or bedroom.

MotherMed Bath & Room Thermometer Applications

Before the Bath

Measure the bath water temperature, decrease parents’ guessing time. Protect your baby away from too hot or too cold bath water.

During the Bath

This bath thermometer with cute appearance and reasonable size is the best playmate for your baby during the bath time. This is also useful for practicing your baby’s griping ability.

After the Bath

Wipe it dry and put it in your baby’s room, it can detect the room temperature and helps you to ensure a comfortable environment for your baby to sleep and play.

Key Features of Mothermed Baby Bath Thermometer

Versatile thermometer

1. Can be used as water thermometer, the temperature can be displayed in Celsius, with “cold” “hot” alarm. Very practical to help you ensure safer and more comfortable bath water for your baby to enjoy bath fun.

2. Can be used as room thermometer, it displays room temperature in ℃, helps you to confirm a cozy environment for baby to sleep and play.

Easy to recognize with Alarm

1.It displays “COLD” for low temperature(0-32℃), 2.shows “HOT” with Red LED flashing light for high temp alarm(over 39℃), enables you of direct recognizing.

2.It floats on the water surface, easy for you to catch digital reading in the first sight.


Baby Safe and fun

1.Instantly Activate in 1 second after shaking, it detects bath and room temperature with digits in LCD screen. No worry about improper bath and room temperature, ensuring a safe environment for your lovely baby.

2.CUTE Appearance and EASY TO GRABE design, attract your baby to play with it, your baby has fun in bath time.

❤️Versatile: Can be used as Room Thermometer as well as Water Thermometer. Also a Safe and Funny Bath Toy for baby children and parents to enjoy bath time.
❤️Waterproof, Quick and Accurate: Measure the Bath Water Temperature Every 5 Seconds and displays it in Celsius on an easy-to-read LCD Screen.
❤️Superior Safety Design: Built-in battery, One-piece Design, Waterproof at least 1 year battery lifespan without replacing. No need to replace Batteries often, Reduce Risk of Leaking.
❤️Temperature Alarm: 1.displays “Cold” for low temperature, 2.shows “Hot” with red LED flashing light for high temp alarm, 3.shows digits when water temp is just right, enables you of direct recognizing.

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