Bodi Tek AeroPilates Pilates Reformer 435 PLUS – Black

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The AeroPilates Reformer 435 features the Cardio Rebounder – a vertical trampoline to provide a cardiovascular workout without jarring or putting pressure on your joints; the foot bar which allows you to perform traditional Pilates exercises to help strengthen muscles, improve posture, flexibility and balance; four cords allowing you to adjust levels of resistance, making it a simple-to-use way to get a comprehensive and varied workout. Additionally the Plus model features a red Power Cord and a low resistance Yellow Cord. The AeroPilates Reformer 435 folds down to half its size, making it easy to store and has large wheels making it easy to move around. It arrives almost fully assembled; all you need to do it attach the wheels and end caps, fit the risers and you are ready to go. Reformer pilates is designed to contribute to improving posture and co-ordination, strengthen, dynamic stability and create a balance between strength and flexibility. Suitable for all ages and abilities, the AeroPilates reformer allows you to do low-impact cardiovascular exercise, meaning less stress on your joints. This AeroPilates Reformer comes with two multi-play DVDs from the new DVD serries where Marjolein takes you through everything you need to know to start transforming your body. The first DVD, “AeroPilates Primer DVD with Basic Workout”, covers the Theory and Benefits of AeroPilates, a Reformer Overview, Spinal Movement, Familiar Terms, Rebounding Overview and the original “Simple Rules of Body Placement” DVD. The second DVD is titled “AeroPilates Basic Workout Package” and includes two workouts; the “Basic AeroPilates Workout” (Approx. 34 minutes) and the “Basic Cardio only workout” (Approx 23 minutes). Built to last – made of high-grade steel, the reformer is strong and sturdy; you can even jump up and down on it, and its build quality gives a maximum user weight of 300lbs / 21st 6lbs.
Corrects Imbalances: The reformer is named as such because it brilliantly transforms and corrects the natural imbalances that arise from our daily repetitive stresses like sitting too much and being inactive or moving incorrectly.
Core Strength: The refromer uniquely ensures that your core is engaged during any movement. There is no muscle isolation that is common in gym workouts. This helps create true functional fitness where muscles work in a balanced co-ordinated and reinforcing manner, just as the our bodies naturally evolved to do.
Avoids Injury: The big benefit of balanced functional fitness is that it helps avoid injury, improves posture and the way we move or approach any activity. The best part is that the body starts to do all this intuitively.
Life Changing: If you want to make a positive change to you life, remember today is the first day of the rest of your life. An AeroPialtes reformer will change your life forever.

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